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Bring calm and control

into your life


Set yourself on the path to success through actionable, compassionate coaching 

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You have the power within you. 


Together, you’ll uncover it.

Does your to-do list feel like an unscalable mountain?

Are you constantly leaving your homework and reports for the night they’re due?

Is getting ready for school a constant struggle?

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Hi! I’m Deborah, and I help children, students, and adults with ADHD set goals and meet them. Every coaching session is goal-oriented. I empower you to accomplish what you set out to do with realistic objectives and a clear path in mind.

I trained by JST Coaching and Training and ADD Coach Academy and am an educator for over 20 years. As a mother of several children — including some with ADHD — I understand and relate to the struggles that come along with it.

I believe in you! I know that the solution to all your problems and the answers to all your questions lie within you.  I’m here to help you reach for the answers that you had deep down all along.


All services begin with a Complimentary Prescreening Session, a FREE session where we discuss what you are looking for, what I offer and how we can work together. Book your Complimentary Prescreening Today!

A glimpse into a coaching session:

  • We discuss the goals you have in mind

  • I ask thoughtful questions to help you figure out a realistic way of reaching your objective

  • Together, we devise a plan you can implement to achieve your goal

  • You work on the set goals until the next session, following the action steps you choose 

Accountability you can count on


Having someone who holds you accountable will motivate you to accomplish your goals. I am available to check in with you between sessions in whichever way works best with you to ensure that you're following through.


If you are having a hard time keeping to your plan I’m always available to support you through it.

Set for success

My goal is to propel you towards success. By setting clear goals and following through, you will gain the confidence and abilities to achieve your goals on your own.


Schedule your free, obligation-free consultation today to learn how I can help you.

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