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Build a Strong Foundation

How would you describe a superhero?

I would think that you would suggest abilities that humans don’t have. Possibly flying, changes roles in a split second, accomplishing more than is humanly possible.

I have seen a theme among the people around me. Many of us like to think we are superheroes.

Now, I am all for believing in yourself. I also think that most of us are not reaching our full potential on a daily basis and we need to extend ourselves in order to reach that potential.


We are human! We have human needs, and human desires, and human capabilities.

We are not superheroes!

So how can we apply this insight to our lives?

We need to fill our human needs. Basic human needs include food/drink, sleep, and exercise. We can not expect to accomplish anything until we meet these needs.

Did you eat three meals today? Are you getting enough sleep? When was the last time you set aside time to exercise (and did it!)?

There is so much vying for our attention and our time. We need to prioritize ourselves! We cannot achieve growth without a sturdy foundation. We need to create that foundation by paying attention to our human bodies and our needs. Once our basic needs are met, the sky is the limit!

How are you going to take care of yourself today?

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