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Non-routine Expectations

A week after school started, Casey’s mom went to Parent Orientation, sometimes called Open House or Back to School Night. She was given a tour of Casey’s classroom and got to hear from the teacher about what Casey would be learning and what the expectations for the school year are.

Casey’s teacher shared that there will not be homework every night, but there would be homework at times. She shared that although sometimes it is easier when there is homework daily, she feels that there is benefit to having to check in to see if there is or isn’t homework. She also shared that she will post online when there is homework, so parents can confirm.

Casey’s mom goes home to discuss with Casey how they can make it work.

Casey does very well when there is consistency in all areas of her life. She knows that she gets up, gets dressed, eats breakfast, and makes the bus. After school, Casey eats a snack, plays outside or inside (weather dependent), and then does her homework before dinner. Casey knows that routine well as she has been following it for a long time.

So far, this school year there has not been any homework. This has thrown Casey’s routine a little bit and she doesn’t have homework on her radar anymore. Now that her mom knows that there MAY be homework each night, they need to create a check in system to work into the routine. Mom and Casey both realize that it will be very easy for Casey to just say, “no homework!” when in actuality she has homework. Additionally, Mom knows that it will be disadvantageous to Casey for her to look online and tell Casey when she has homework.

They sit down to brainstorm. They are each able to contribute some ideas for Casey to choose from. What ideas do you have for Casey to try?

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