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School is Starting Soon

School is starting soon.

What emotions are tied into those four words?

Excitement? Anticipation? Nervousness? Dread?

Do you love school? Are you one of those people who enjoy learning, are able to prove themselves capable in the classroom? Or are you one of those who may shine socially and that is what carries you even when the class work is challenging?

Maybe you are excited for routine. You like knowing what the day will bring. Wake up, get dressed, get on the bus, breakfast, class, recess, class, lunch, class, bus, homework, dinner, play, shower, bed. Repeat.

Maybe you are one of the thousands of new teachers out there and you are approaching the first day with a mixture of excitement and trepidation? You know you have so much to give, but will they give you the time of day to receive it?

Or is school a horrible place for you? Maybe it is hard for you to even understand what others get excited about.

Are you bullied?

Are you so overwhelmed just trying to keep up?

Could it be that you spaced out for a minute and lost the entire train of the lesson, and now you have to spend hours figuring out everything on your own?

You know you are smart, and you are a nice person. It is confusing why people make fun. Maybe you can’t figure out why your teachers are always exasperated.

Do any of the above statements resonate for you or for your child?

Join us over the next few weeks as we discuss strategies for a successful school year!

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